Catalogue of the Pterophoroidea of the World, version (04 Jul 2024)

This digital catalogue for the Pterophoroidea of the world is derived from C. Gielis (2003) Pterophoroidea & Alucitoidea (Lepidoptera) (World Catalogue of Insects, volume 4), as subsequently maintained and updated by Cees Gielis. The data have been curated for inclusion in the Catalogue of Life and updated by Donald Hobern.

Version has been updated to correct a number of errors in processing of Cees Gielis' original dataset and to reflect recent additions to the group. Additional page references have also been added.

The Macropiratidae are included here (as in Gielis, 2003) as a sister family to the Pterophoridae. This is not supported by recent research, but no proposed alternative position has yet been published.

Comments, corrections and additions are always welcome. Please use the contact form on my blog.

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Cees Gielis is responsible for most of the hard work in originally gathering and curating the content for this Catalogue.

The catalogue search and browse tool used on this page is an open source component developed by the Catalogue of Life available from their Github CatalogueOfLife / portal-components repository.